About us

TCC Foundation

Established in 1999, the Training and Certification Center (TCC) of UkSATSE was recognised as efficient by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Today, TCC is also authorised by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU) as an approved training organisation to provide training services for aviation personnel. UkSATSE site.

Mission and Main Tasks

TCC’s mission is to make a significant contribution to aviation safety through professional training of aviation personnel which challenges our learners to meet the ICAO and EUROCONTROL standards.

Authorised by CAA of Ukraine (Certificate issued by CAA  28th December 2019 № UA.ATCO.TO.0003), TCC of UkSATSE provides professional training for ATC personnel in line with Ukrainian and international standards.

Main tasks:

Our Team

The success of TCC has been based on the quality of the training programmes and the professionalism of our top-level academic team whose members have under the belt long-term experience in the system of aviation personnel training. Being fully committed to the training programme aims and learning objectives, they employ modern and traditional methodologies in the classroom to encourage the enjoyable and productive learning.

A number of TCC academic board members are awarded Ph.D. degree.

ATC simulator practical training is provided by the ATC instructors who are the holders of the valid ATC licences with the respective ratings and endorsements.


Organisation of Training and Certification

At TCC, all training courses are provided in full compliance with the programmes approved by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine (SAAU), the timeline of which is set in the annual Scheduled Plan of UkSATSE personnel training.

TCC training application forms for domestic and foreign organisations and individuals should be submitted to the name of UkSATSE Director.

Application form sample: Sample #1,  Sample#2.

Training is held at TCC as provided in the programmes with further issue of a certificate.


TCC is conveniently located near Boryspil International Airport. It occupies an area of 5,260 sq. m. It is a thirty-minute run from Kyiv uptown and a ten-minute run from Boryspil.

Our Facilities and Services

TCC offers the following facilities:

  • Radar Skills Trainer (10 workstations);
  • ARO/AIS ATC simulation complex designed by UkSATSE (10 workstations);
  • Aerodrome Control Tower (3D-Tower – 360º) (4 workstations);
  • Aerodrome Control Tower (180º) (1 workstation);
  • Aerodrome Control Tower (PTT) (1 workstation);
  • Radar simulator (RADAR) (11 workstations);
  • Briefing/de-briefing classrooms (up to 10 persons);
  • Laboratory of telecommunication equipment (up to 9 persons);
  • 10 Classrooms (10 to 20 persons);
  • 3 Computer classrooms (10 workstations);
  • Multimedia Language Laboratory (10 workstations);
  • Coffee lounge with wireless Internet connection;
  • Private study areas/a well-stocked Library;
  • Printing Center;
  • Large Conference Room for 250 persons;
  • Small Conference Room for 40 persons;
  • Accommodation for 70 guests;
  • Laundry and Ironing Room;
  • Gym and Pool-Room;
  • Cafeteria;
  • Free Wi-Fi access.

Classrooms ensure a convenient course of events for larger and smaller work groups. Four computer classrooms and ten multimedia lecture ones are available in the center. All classrooms are fitted with computers, boards, full-HD overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards, video and audio technologies.

Each classroom is fully tailored for specific training needs:

  • pre-simulation;
  • ARO/AIS distance simulation;
  • meteorological training;
  • certification exams;
  • English language proficiency exams;
  • FEAST, etc.


To increase flexibility, convenience and reduce the cost of training, e-learning technologies are widely used at the Training and Certification Center of UkSATSE. E-learning is implemented on the basis of the modern LMS Elearning 4G system which enables students to:

  • receive round-the-clock online access to the latest multimedia teaching and learning materials and developments;
  • pass tests remotely;
  • track the results of their study;
  • communicate with their teacher (instructor) and other students using the service of interaction.

LMS Elearning 4G also includes electronic records of:

You can always find the latest news about distance learning on the home page of LMS Elearning 4G.


The Library’s mission is to support the teaching, learning and research activities of our learners. Extensive print and electronic collections assist teaching and research in all subject areas, and readers can enjoy free access to an ever-increasing stock of printed books, ICAO, EUROCONTROL and UkSATSE regulatory documents, training programmes, etc.

To streamline the process of finding the necessary publications, e-Catalogue is available at the reading hall of the Library.


Large Conference Room

Next to the library there is a spacious Large Conference Room which is a perfect place for meetings, training, workshops and conferences of all sizes, from 10 up to 250 people. You will find there an adjustable stage, comfortable seating options and the state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment with its permanent sound system, centre screen, high-quality projectors and a number of cameras for production purposes. The Room is equipped with air conditioning and fully adjustable overhead lighting.


Small Conference Room

The Small Conference Room is a multi-purpose room. The Room is equipped with a number of contemporary tables, allowing multiple room configurations. Tables may be removed for discussion. The Room is fitted with audiovisual PC-compatible equipment with free Internet access. Dry erase board, whiteboard and flip chart are available. It is great for mid-sized (up to 30 persons) meetings or gatherings where a conference table style setup is appropriate.