Language Training


Language Training

With the extensive experience in Aviation English teaching, Training and Certification Center has clear understanding how to implement efficient training and testing solutions for aviation personnel to meet the ICAO and EUROCONTROL language proficiency requirements and standards.

As Aviation English learning and teaching is a complex package of issues, there is no one-size-fits-all prescription to guarantee everyone’s success at the same rate. Therefore, all the language training programmes designed by Training and Certification Center’s experts are harmonised with the fundamental teaching principles. They are:

  • English teaching based on communicative and English-only approach ensuring individual’s training and professional needs;
  • Science-based support, as an efficient tool for monitoring the relevance of the programmes content and methods to innovative tendencies and best practices in the field of Aviation English training and assessment;
  • Quality control, aimed specifically to provide testing at various stages of language training to expertize the individual progress of English communicative skills in order to make proactive programme improvements. The history of each and every learner’s language training is kept within AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER e-portfolio individual database.


Online professional development courses

Research and educational personnel advanced training and education is a well-targeted continuous improvement of professional competences and art of teaching which are vital for accomplishing tasks that enhance educational, teaching, research and innovation performance in the UkSATSE TCC.
The Language Training Department personnel constantly maintain and raise their professional level, enrich their expertise and practical experience broadening teaching horizons and striving for perfection in theory and practice of the English language.
The evidence of this is the fact that all department personnel have completed the latest British Council professional courses, namely:

  • Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching (4 weeks)
  • Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching (4 weeks)
  • Exploring the World of English Language Teaching (6 weeks)



Types of Training

The Training and Certification Center delivers a wide range of Aviation English language training programmes in full compliance with ICAO language proficiency standards:

  • refreshing and enhancing of English language proficiency for aeronautical communications;
  • ATCOs’ preparation for high-stakes exam against the ICAO rating scale.




Training programmes designed according to the requirements of the European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation EUROCONTROL (see.  TCC Training Programme Catalogue).